Online Cooking Classes

Online Cooking Classes

Are there dishes that you would like to try but you don’t know how to start? I would love to take you on a journey where we discover different ingredients and flavours together. I offer vegetarian and vegan online cooking workshops to get you started! All recipes take into consideration a healthy, balanced and nutritional diet.

What's Cooking? The Advantages of an Online Class

  • Time-saving
  • Learn while Doing
  • Comfort of Your Own Kitchen
  • Choose Your Own Menu
  • Learn from a Passionate Foodie

It’s one thing to find an online recipe and save it for later, but it’s even better to have someone explain you how to prepare the dish you were eyeing. And if you could do this while you are comfy in your own kitchen with the equipment that you are familiar with, you don’t even need to dress-up or plan time for commuting to your destination! An online cooking class is time-saving, comfortable and lots of interactive Food Fun guaranteed!

You get to choose your own menu, but of course we are happy to provide you with tasty suggestions as well if you would like so. One thing is for sure: you will have a very passionate Foodie by your side. The best part is that you get to eat all your homemade deliciousness at the end of our class. You also get the recipes afterwards so you can always make it again for your friends or family.

Sweet and Healthy Delights (To be continued...)

Breakfast of Champions

Healthy Snacks

Cakes, Pies and Pastries

How Does It Work?

  • Online sessions are conducted over Zoom and are private 
  • If desired, we can work with up to 10 people in one group
  • Classes take between 60 to 120 minutes based on the menu
  • Possible time slots:
    • Weekdays – around  dinner: 4PM to 8PM CET
    • Weekends: between 10 AM and 9PM CET
  • Price on request 
  • Make your choice from the above menu items
  • Is there anything else you have in mind? Just let me know! I am happy to hear your suggestions
  • Based on the menu, I will e-mail you the ingredients list, preparation instructions and cooking equipment one week before our meet-up, so you can do you groceries and make sure you are all set!
  • What do you need?
    • Your laptop or tablet
    • A stable internet connection
    • Your kitchen space with a table or another clean surface to prepare the dishes
    • Cooking equipment such as cooking pots, frying pan, several sized bowls for placing prepared/ cut veggies before cooking them, an oven and baking dish for the “out of the oven” and some “sweet treats” recipes, kitchen scale, sharp knife, vegetable peeler, wooden spatula, wooden chopping board, aluminium foil, blender and electric mixer

What Can I expect?

  • New Inspiring, Easy and Healthy Dishes to Impress Your Family and Friends
  • An Interactive and Entertaining Session with a Passionate Foodie
  • Knowledge & Fun Facts on the Ingredients
  • Food Ingredients List before the Session
  • Recipes after the Session

We really hope you experience how easy it can be to prepare your own healthy food. Therefore we prepared a list of veggie recipes that you can choose from, but we are also happy to provide you with suggestions based on your specific diet and food wishes. 

During this online cooking class you will learn inspiring, easy and healthy dishes to make for your family and friends afterwards. The idea of this class is to experience an interactive and fun session with a passionate foodie that will share knowledge on the ingredients used. 

Before the start of each cooking session, we will share the shopping list with you so you can head to the store and stock-up on fresh groceries. Afterwards you will receive the recipes in your inbox so you can easily do your magica again, anytime you like.

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