Core, Glutes and Leg Focus

Core, Glutes and Leg Focus

The Focus of this session is a 30-minutes core, glutes and leg workout. Beginner to intermedaite level. No equipment. 45 seconds per movement, 15 seconds of rest. No repeats. We will start with a 5-minute warm-up, perfect before a core and/or glutes + leg workout. You can also perform it as a stand-alone 5-minute short active break during your day. Find it below!


  1. Inchworms
  2. Runner’s Lunge with a Twist
  3. Flow: High Plank, Push-up, Cobra, Down Dog
  4. Forward Fold
  5. Halfway Lift
  6. Mountain Pose
  7. Squats
  8. Sumo Squats
  9. Butt Kicks

Main Workout


  1. Sumo Squat Reach Up and Down
  2. Step-jacks with Arms Up
  3. Sumo Squats
  4. Sumo Squats Heels off the Mat
  5. Modified Burpee
  6. Squat Side Steps
  7. Warrior Triceps Extend and Squeeze
  8. Inchworms
  9. Bear Crawls
  10. Dead Bugs
  11. Oblique V-shaped Leg Extensions
  12. Low Plank Hold
  13. Russian Twist
  14. Inchworm with push-up on knees
  15. Standing Oblique Twist
  16. Standing Oblique Crunch
  17. Glute Bridges
  18. Low Plank Hold
  19. Donkey Kicks + Pulses
  20. Donkey Kick Pulses
  21. Bicycle Crunches
  22. Crab Toe-touch
  23. Bicycle Crunches
  24. Army Planks
  25. Squats
  26. Sumo Squat + Punch
  27. Lunge-Rotate-Squat-Lunge
  28. Toy Soldier Claps
  29. Courtesy Lunges
  30. Pilates 100

Happy Training!