Training and Coaching

For Who

What For

  • Women that like to build core strength before, during or after giving birth
  • Beginning endurance athletes 
  • Sports lovers 
  • To participate to an endurance sports event
  • To improve your general fitness level
  • To start moving more but you don’t know how to start


  • Through an online questionnaire followed by a one-on-one intake session so we see if we can work together 
  • Through an online body assessment
  • Through regular online training sessions in which I show you strength and/or HIIT exercises that you can then take home to practice till the next session
  • Through a personalized weekly training plan

A Personalized Approach

We will start with a personal one-on-one coaching session to understand in what situation you are currently. It’s important to take into account not only your fitness level, but also your daily routines and work situation. If you have an office job, most likely you will be sitting at your desk 80% of the time. Maybe you had some injury in the past or you are already training regularly. 

Body and Performance Assessments

The purpose of any body or performance assessment is to see and understand more about your body type and the fitness level you have. Below you find some examples to give you a better understanding.

Cardio-respiratory Fitness
Body Composition
Posture and Movement

Heart rate (HR) and blood pressure (BP) are strong indicators of your cardio-respiratory fitness. Especially for endurance sports, HR zones are crucial to determine and measure your training intensity.

Body composition refers to the percentage of fat versus fat-free tissue in your body.

Muscle imbalances that cause compensated movements are identified and targeted to design suitable exercises.

Strength, agility, power and muscular endurance.

Setting a SMART Goal

Once we have fine tuned your physical activity readiness, we’ll look at what you would like to achieve and what your objectives are. Each goal is very personal, but we will make sure it is a SMART one. Your goal should therefore contain the following characteristics:

Example Goals for Beginning Endurance Athletes

  • Running a marathon
  • Running 5, 10, 15, 21km, etc.
  • Participating to your first triathlon
  • Improving your general fitness level

As a triathlete and passionate runner myself, I know the challenges beginning endurance athletes can face when it comes to the importance of goal-setting and consistent training. Sometimes it’s not clear what your “goal” is and it might be hard to understand why it’s so crucial to think about before you start training. I highly believe that consistency is key in training, and when you know what you are training for, you will be successful.

Having a Personal Coach by Your Side

With the objectives we establish, we create a clear starting point from where to begin our journey together. Next we’ll make a plan on how to achieve your goal with small and realistic steps. We will evaluate your progress during online sessions and determine what you will do during your individual training sessions at home. 

Online Group HIIT and Strength Sessions - (Post-natal friendly if you like)

For any sports enthusiasts that like to improve their fitness level and like to set a specific goal to achieve.

Online HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and Strength sessions to build up cardio and muscle endurance. Work outs can be 45 or 60 minutes and will be tailored to your specific goals. Sessions are private and conducted over Zoom. Each session consists of a warm-up, a main set of strength and/or cardio (HIIT) and a cool-down where we do stretching. 

Online Training Plans for Triathlon and Running

For beginning triathletes and runners that like to work towards a particular sports event.

Weekly or monthly training plans that will outline daily sessions in terms of strength and cardio (e.g. bike, run, swim). Training plans also include personal one-on-one follow-up moments to evaluate your progress and coaching support over e-mail or Whatsapp in case you have any questions. 


For those that live in Milan and like a sweaty start of their morning.

Weekday and weekend group sessions of HIIT/Strength/Yoga in Parco Sempione. Details to follow!

Let's reach your goal together!

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